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◉Initial Fractal Psychology Counseling Session – 2 hrs (plus customizing brain exercises) - $260


By using guided meditation I guide my client to dive into his/her deep subconscious to look for the cause of his/her particular destructive thinking patterns.



◉Follow-Up Fractal Psychology Counseling – 60 min - $140


Based on the client's progress after the first session, I modify the client's homework/brain exercises as necessary in order to accelerate his/her progress.



◉Private Neurodynamic Breathwork Session –  $220  (It takes about 2 hours to complete a session.  Each session includes a 60-minute breathwork experience.)

◉Private Holotropic Breathwork Session –  $650  (It takes about 5 hours to complete a session. Each session includes an introductory talk, a there-hour breathwork experience followed by art work and integration process.)

Lie down on a mattress and utilize deeper faster breathing supported by music for emotional and physical energy release.  Many clients report that experience deep states of bliss and stillness and gain insights or receive downloads from their inner healers, divine intelligence, higher selves, or the universe.



Note: Counseling sessions are available either in person or via zoom but Breathwork sessions are only available in person in the Los Angeles area.